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The WiSE CRT System is designed to overcome the limitations of conventional CRT and is the only leadless left ventricular endocardial pacing (LVEP) device.

Side view

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Retains Electrode during endothelization


Converts ultrasonic energy into electrical pulse


Polyester jacket for rapid endothelization

Device body

9.3 mm body length, 0.05 cc volume


Maps thresholds pre-anchoring, delivers pacing pulse when anchored

Top view

2.8 mm diameter
Icon: Leadless


Ultra-compact leadless device removes constraints of lead-based pacing systems

Icon: Versatile


Open platform coordinates therapy
with a range of existing pacing devices

Icon: LV Endocardial

LV Endocardial

More physiologic approach via left ventricular endocardial pacing (LVEP) for CRT

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The WiSE impact:

"The best agency we’ve worked with so far. They understand our product and are able to add new features with a great focus."

Jenny Wilson
Vice President

The WiSE impact:

"EBR Systems has truly revolutionized cardiac rhythm management with their groundbreaking WiSE technology."

Brennan Miller
Vice President